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Payson Temple

I stopped and took a couple shots of the Payson, UT temple that's being built by Wadman Corporation on my way to Phoenix, AZ.


May Have to See Sunrise More Often

This image was taken at sunrise of the Salt Lake City Public Safety Building. Needless to say, images like this are the reason I love shooting architecture. It's one of those images that the second I took it, I knew I was going to love it! I love the tall shadows, dramatic lighting, great shapes, and the contrasting colors.  It has quickly moved into a category of my favorite images.



My friends, Nard Nebeker and Jon Williams, took me to the a Power show in some weird little town. It was awesome. There were vintage cars, tractors, steam engines, little out buildings filled with treasures and enough rusty stuff to make me happy for days. It's been awhile since I've gone out and shot for myself, so I really tried to focus on taking pictures that would make me happy. These are a few of my successful shots from that day and I'm so grateful these two gentlemen allowed me to come out and play with them! We had a great time.

I've added these images to the "Colors" page on my online portfolio. Please feel free to scan through this folder and make your eye cones go crazy!


iPhone photos are not always the devil

There are a lot of terrible photos out there, but the bad ones are not ALL taken with an iPhone. Some of the bad ones are taken with SLRs by people that call themselves photographers, but lack that special eye.  

I use Camera+ get the filters and adjustments I want. 

These are a few of my favorite recent images. 

photo 1 (1).JPG
photo (9).JPG
photo (10).JPG
photo (8).JPG