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This is Me, Walking Away

I tried another Pen & Ink drawing this week. There was a little drama because I inadvertently started coloring in the heels with a Uniball pen! I almost cried. I'm a little bit of a pen snob and my favorite pens are Tul pens. Since I started with the red Uniball pen I couldn't change part of the way through, so I finished with it. It was rough and scratchy and I felt like it was going to scratch right through the paper! It also took me two hours to fill in. The next day I marched right over to Office Max and bought a new red Tul pen. I thought I'd go over it with the Tul pen to make it more uniform. It only took 20 minutes.

That just shows me what the right Tul can do for the job! (haha) 

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