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Time to Exhale

Series: Technicolor Animals
Acrylic masterpiece on canvas

I started this series to get back to the basics of painting, as well as to train myself how to see beyond the details. I want to focus on shape and color more than creating a perfect replica of an image. I'm figuring out how to give images shape and depth without shading and using multiple colors. I felt animals would be the perfect subject for this experiment, as they don't require many lines for the human brain to be able to tell what they are. The spunky colors are just to make me smile at how ridiculous the images are.

This giraffe was modeled after some images of giraffes that I took at the Hogle Zoo. I loved the shape of Daphne's (the giraffe at the zoo) ears in one image, the eyes in another, and the sideways mouth in a third, so I just combined all three.