Jessica Hollon

Many years ago, I started taking photographs and painting. I love to use the tools of photography and paint to portray certain points of view, express my feelings, and even just to experiment.

My main line of professional photography is in architecture and I have been doing that for many years now. I do not use supplemental lighting in my architectural shots so my images are as close to the orignal scene as possible.  

I enjoy painting with ridiculous colors that are loud and vibrant. I utilize many loud colors in sad scenes sometimes to add a great juxtaposition and to remind the viewer that times will get brighter and won't always be so sad. I'm currently working on a new series of silly animals. I'm painting these animals to help myself grow as an artist by being less concerned with the details and more focused on shapes, abstract ones at that, and colors that create whimsy and fun.

This site is a personal portfolio of my photography and my paintings, and on each photo that is available for purchase there will be a link to take you to the PhotoTek, Inc. store. If you are interested in purchasing one of my original works of art, please email me at jhollon@phototekinc.com.